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Pants Can't Contain William Shatner And His Awesomeness

In a slightly embarrassing incident at LAX, William "The Shat" Shatner was going through a TSA checkpoint when his pants dropped like the shields on the Reliant.  "He tasks me and I shall have him!".... Fortunately, Khan wasn't responsible.  Due to his long flight to South Africa, Sir Billiam was wearing loose fitting clothing and didn't happen to wear a belt.  Some lucky travelers got to see Bill in his Starfleet skivvies.  I bet it was like looking into a rainbow made of lasers and unicorns.

"It was awful to have people looking at me with my pants down, probably the most embarrassing thing that's ever happened to me... It was a long flight so I wanted to wear loose clothing because I didn't want anything to bind me." Said The Shat.

Ya know, I don't think anything can bind him.  All joking aside, it's got to be a rough situation for Bill.  Next time I go through the airport, I'll drop my pants and reveal my Shatner tattoo as a sign of solidarity... Then I'll see you all in two to three years.  

Have a good trip, Bill. We still think you're awesome!

(Source Toronto Sun)

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