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J.J. Abrams Raises "Shields" Around Star Trek 2 Set

J.J. Abrams Raises Sheilds Around Star Trek 2 Set

We all know how secretive J.J. Abrams can be with any film he's directing. As a fan, I can appreciate this. I'm one of the few (it seems) that still likes to be surprised when I drop $47 to see the latest schlop that Hollywood has to offer (I'm not putting J.J's Star Trek in the schlop category). Although, running a Star Trek website and reporting on the most recent Star Trek 2 happenings just adds to the problems, but I digress...

So in a military style effort, J.J. has "circled the wagons" so-to-speak and built a perimeter of 30 large shipping containers around an outside shooting location. Movie Web is reporting that the paparazzi accepted this as a challenge, promising fans that they will get a ladder and beat J.J. at his own game. Too be honest, the pic of the shipping containers reveals almost as much about the plot of Star Trek 2, as earlier leaks. Who knows, maybe they had the containers left over from a batch of Tribble props or Space Station K7 set parts...

You can checkout the Movie Web image below... Yup, they're shipping containers.


(source: Movie Web)

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