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About Leaked Star Trek 2 Pics, Zoe Saldana Says “J.J. was very upset”

About Leaked Star Trek 2 Pics, Zoe Saldana Says “J.J. was very upset”

We agree with you J.J. We aren’t super happy about it either. Over the years we’ve taken the matter of movie spoilers into our own hands by “tuning-out” when an anticipated title is mentioned. We just don’t read or watch any news about movies we want to remain a surprise. Oh, we hear them mentioned...and feel the thrill of anticipation with each new “avoided story”. But somehow, instead of forgetting about the “avoided” movie, we become more focused on it and are all the more excited when we finally do watch it.

Here’s what MTV discovered from Zoe Saldana (Uhura) while talking with her at the Independent Spirit Awards;

"J.J. was very upset," she said. "I have to say that. It's not going to stop people from intruding, but they are, and it's such a bummer because it only hurts them by stealing away the surprise."

Saldana wouldn't give away any details about his character, but she did say what she thinks he's adding to the film: "Another yummy male actor in 'Star Trek' — that's what he's adding, and I'm enjoying it," she said with a laugh.

You can read the full article here.

(Source: MTV News)

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