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J. J. Abrams Didn’t Want 'Star Trek 2' To Go 3D

J. J. Abrams Didn’t Want “Star Trek 2” To Go 3D

As we’ve mentioned before, we really aren’t fans of the recent trend toward 3D movies. It just seems like the latest gimmick to get people in the theaters, and often times straight up obtrusive. So when we heard the rumors that Star Trek 2 was probably going to be in 3D we weren’t thrilled. However, this new report of J. J. Abrams’s own apprehension and subsequent acceptance has us feeling a wee bit better about the prospect. At least it sounds like the movie may be offered in both 3D and 2D, but no mention if that option will be available in theaters or just on Blu-ray.

While it has been confirmed that "Star Trek 2" will be given a high-end 3D conversion, director J.J Abrams recently admitted that at first he didn't agree with the idea. During the FOX panel at the Television Critics Association Winter Press Tour in Pasadena on Sunday, January 8, Abrams said that he actually "didn't want" to convert the film but the result of 3D test for the first movie has eventually convinced him to do the conversion.

"I did not fight for the 3D. It was something that the studio wanted to do, and I didn't want to do it," he shared. "And then, when I saw the first movie converted in sections, I thought that it actually looked really cool."

"So, I was okay with their doing it, as long as I could shoot the movie the way I wanted to, in anamorphic film, and then let them convert it," the 45-year-old filmmaker went on explaining. "So, those who want to see it in 3D, which looked pretty cool, can do it, and those that want to see it in 2D can do that too."

You can read the full article here.

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