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William Shatner On "Piers Morgan Tonight"... Tonight

William Shatner On "Piers Morgan Tonight"... Tonight

Ya know, maybe we should change the name of our blog to Shatspace Communique, because it seems like he's all we talk about. Heck, we're not complaing, The Shat is an omnipresent force that seems unstoppable. If you're looking for your quick Shatner fix this evening, check him out on Piers Morgan Tonight... tonight. That's on CNN at 9pm / 8pm central. We think Sir Billiam (still trying) is there to talk about his new album Seeking Major Tom, but you never really know where the conversation will lead. Actually, you do... to awesomeness.

Check out the episode description below.

Legendary actor William Shatner is a guest on "Piers Morgan Tonight" this evening, and he talks about his career, his childhood and more. But he also talks about the Priceline commercials campaign – and his decision to take stock instead of a paycheck. "The stock went up, but we're all tied down, locked in," he told Piers Morgan. "And then, the dotcom bubble. And we all still couldn't get rid of our was worth pennies."

So those stories of making hundreds of millions aren't true? "No! I would have, could have," he said. Watch the full interview tonight, 9pmET/PT. (source CNN)

Hattip to Cmdr. Torkadon for alerting us to this.

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