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"Star Wars Is Derivative Of Star Trek" & Trek Is "Better"; Plus Other Awesome Things Said By William Shatner

In an attempt to start flaming troll wars on the interwebs and making geeks' heads explode, William Shatner (aka Sir Billiam. Yes were still shooting for that internet meme) posted another one of his tongue-in-cheek videos to youtube. This time? The age old battle: Star Trek vs. Star Wars. Not only did The Shat say that Star Wars is derivative of Star Trek, he went on to point out that Star Trek had better looking women and stories. He did mention though, that Captain Kirk and Princess Leia would be "the perfect union" between Trek & Wars.

"Star Trek had relationships and conflict among the relationships... and stories that involved humanity and philosophical questions... Star Wars was special effects." The Shat continues "Not only was the television show more humane and dealt with more human principles than Star Wars, but now Star Trek has even more special effects than Star Wars."

See, this is why we love Sir Billiam (uh-huh). He loves stirring the internet pot and speaking his mind. Of course, you can probably take this with a grain of salt. After all, The Shat is a master at building controversy into publicity. He is a mad genius in that way.

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