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Data Feed: The Shat & NASA Team Up Today At 1pm EDT. Don’t Miss It!

It’s a big day for space flights today. Not only is it the 50th anniversary of the first manned space flight (accomplished April 12, 1961 by cosmonaut Yuri Gagarin), but it’s also the 30th anniversary of the first space flight of NASA’s Space Shuttle STS-1 (launched on April 12, 1981).

To top it all off, according to NASA, William Shatner is going help NASA pay tribute to 30 years of the Space Shuttle program today at 1pm EDT. Watch NASA TV and at 1pm EDT to see/hear The Shat!! We don’t know any more specifics than that, but we’re definitely not going to miss a chance to hear from NASA and The Shat in the same broadcast!!

Here a couple of quick links so you can get your Shat on:



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