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Star Trek’s William Shatner Turns 80. Happy Birthday Mr. The Shat!!!

Star Trek’s William Shatner Turns 80. Happy Birthday Mr. The Shat!!!

We’d like to wish William Shatner a VERY Happy Birthday, today on his 80th birthday!! Happy Birthday Bill, thanks for all the fun and laughs over the years!

Unless you’ve been in Rura Penthe for the last 100 years you would know that William Shatner has done it all. From actor to director to producer to writer, he has worn just about every hat in Hollywood a person could wear. However, it’s his acting that most of us remember. During his galaxy-sized career he has portrayed such memorable characters as Denny Crane, The Big Giant Head, Bob Wilson, T.J. Hooker and none other than our venerable, lovable, unforgettable…Captain James Tiberius Kirk.

Since I have been waiting to be added to Bill’s friend list on Facebook since sometime in 2009 (even though “somebody else” here at Subspace Communique was instantly added when he put his request in…pshaaaaww…) thereby not allowing me to post a Happy Birthday wish to his wall. And since we’re pretty sure he has every birthday present he could ever want, we’re going to give YOU a birthday present in his honor, instead.

…Here’s a video round up of The Shat, himself. Enjoy!

Boston Legal. …two words…

3rd Rock. Had to put some singing in there…come on.

Tj hooker. Body double, shmody double…who needs it!?

Twilight Zone. The Shat + ELO = awesome!

And of course… Star Trek. ‘Nuff said!!!

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