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Star Trek Voyager’s Garrett Wang Set To Be The 2011 VulCon: Spock Days / Galaxyfest Guest Star

Star Trek Voyager’s Garrett Wang Is 2011 VulCon: Spock Days/Galaxyfest Guest Star

The Vulcan Tourism Board in Alberta Canada has been running a VulCon: Spock Days/Galaxyfest event for the last several decades. It’s held on the second weekend in June each year. They just announced this year’s special guest and it’s none other than Star Trek Voyager’s Garrett Wang. They had Garrett shoot a quick video announcing his participation which they played at a recent Vulcon Tourism/Trek Station evening event. You can check out Garrett’s video on Facebook here.

Tourism co-ordinator Catherine Pooley said Wang was asked if he would be willing to prepare the video announcement ahead of time, and he gladly accepted.

"He did a funny one," Pooley said. "Everyone got a kick out of it so we were quite pleased."

Read the full article here.

Be sure to “friend” their Facebook page for updates to the VulCon: Spock Days/Galaxyfest event.

We’ve not had the chance to head up to Canada for VulCon, but would love to sometime soon. If you’ve attended VulCon we’d love to hear from you. Comment and let us know all about it!

Oh…and with this story in particular, we feel fairly obligated to end with…….

…..Live long and prosper.

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