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Data Feed: Shatner On History Channel's "American Pickers"

We're not exactly sure how this slipped passed our radar, but it would seem that The Shat was on last night's episode of "American Pickers". Not familiar with the show? "American Pickers" follows the exploits of Mike Wolfe and Frank Fritz as they scour the country for hidden gems in junkyards, basements, garages and barns, meeting quirky characters and hearing their amazing stories. If you think the antique business is all about upscale boutiques and buttoned-up dealers, this show may change your mind--and teach you a thing or two about American history along the way.

Apparently Shatner bought a house in Kentucky (makes sense, he's really into horses) and enlisted Mike & Frank to help deck out his new digs with various antiques. We're not huge fans of reality TV, but we'll make the exception when The Shat beams on board. If you missed like we did, you can catch the streaming episode on  We're not sure how long the episode will be available, so you should boldly go to the link below to watch.  See what we did there?  Sorry.

Watch Shatner on "American Pickers" here.

Check out the "American Pickers" website here.

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