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Data Feed: The Shat's "Star Trek: Ashes of Eden" Audiobook Available Now. Narrated By The Man Himself

Data Feed: The Shat's "Star Trek: Ashes of Eden" Audiobook Available. Narrated By The Man HimselfWilliam Shatner's "Star Trek: Ashes of Eden", originally published in 1995 has just been released in audiobook form with the big man taking on the role of narrator. Written by Shatner, Judith Reeves-Stevens, and Garfield Reeves-Stevens, the story is set six months before the fateful launch of the Enterprise-B where Admiral Kirk ultimately meets his fate. The place: Earth, where the galaxy’s most renowned hero must face the spectre of retirement. But Kirk’s path takes an unexpected turn when a mysterious woman offers him an irresistible adventure – a voyage to an uncharted planet where he will confront the ultimate threat to the peace between the Federation and the Klingon Empire, and the ultimate temptation – a chance to recapture his youth.

According to Memory Beta, Kirk turns his back on his friends, Spock and McCoy, and hunted by Captain Sulu's USS Excelsior, Kirk soon stands alone as defender of a world of incredible vitality and sensual beauty where he must choose between conquering the gravest challenge of his career, or surrendering to the greatest passion of his life.

Listed as one Audible's bestsellers for the week of January 1, 2011, the abridged version is available for $7.95,  free with a new Audible account, or for 1 credit to existing Audible members.

Grab your copy here from

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