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Bid To Save the Star Trek: The Experience Sign Makes The Evening News

Bid To Save the Star Trek: The Experience Sign Makes The Evening News

Star Trek: The Experience's unofficial historian and friend of Subspace Communique, Vernon Wilmer is fighting to have the ST:TE sign saved. As you may know, The Experience left the Las Vegas Hilton back in 2008 (we cried) and has yet to reborn in any other location. The Hilton also has yet to fill the giant hole left by The Experience, but still brandishes the iconic delta shield and ST:TE logo on the hotel's facade. That's where Vernon comes in, he's trying to get the ST:TE sign saved and preserved as a bit of Vegas history. A completely worthy and noble cause as far as were concerned. Las Vegas CBS affiliate KLAS featured Vernon & another friend of Subspace Comms, ST:TE's April Hebert on the evening news, covering the plight of ST:TE sign.

"My concern is that it's the last vestige of Star Trek, The Experience, of a beloved local landmark, and I think the sign should be preserved somehow," said Vernon. "I've tried suggesting to a number of organizations, 'See if you can grab that sign, preserve it,' and either the response is we're disinterested or our hands are tied," he said.

With the hope of ST:TE re-materializing somewhere else slowly fading, we can only wish that at least the sign can be saved and preserved. Check out the KLAS coverage featuring Vernon and April below:

(quote source KLAS 8 Las Vegas)

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