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Another Khhaaan! You Shouldn't Miss: Hollywood Xpo Starts October 15th

Another Khhaaan! You Shouldn't Miss, Hollywood Xpo Starts October 15th

Another Khhaaan! that’s sure to please! The Hollywood Xpo/Trek Xpo, October 15-17 in, (where else?), …Hollywood. If we weren’t still totally wiped out from Vegas Khhaaan! we might be attending. Sadly since we aren’t going to be there personally we decree that all of you must go and tell us all about it. This Xpo has not only Star Trek stars, but Scifi, Film/TV, and Comic celebrities as well.

This year’s lineup is fantastic… Stars o’ plenty!

Who's scheduled to attend thus far:

Walter Koenig
Nichelle Nichols
Alan Ruck
Tim Russ
Jonathan Frakes
Michael Dorn
Rene Auberjonois
Connor Trinneer
John Billingsley
Dominic Keating
Cirroc Lofton
Catherine Hicks
Nicole de Boer

Some of our other favorites also in attendance: Daryl Frazetti, The Chiodo Brothers, and Vernon G. Wells.

Oh man, are we sorry we can’t be there! This Con is going to be out of this world…sorry, had to do it.

Check out the Hollywood Xpo site here for all the details.

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