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Zachary Quinto Says He "Can't Wait To Go Back" To Filming Star Trek

Zachary Quinto Says He "Can't Wait To Go Back" To Filming Star Trek

With the flurry of Star Trek XII production start date rumors (now it looks like later than January 2011), Zachary Quinto confesses that he "Can't Wait To Get Back" to work on our favorite franchise. In an interview with MTV News, Quinto talked about the possibility of January 2011 start date " I know there are sort of erroneous reports that we're going back in January — not true, as far as I know."

Young Spock (not to be confused with kid Spock or Baby Spock) also professed his faith in J.J. Abrams's ability to steer the franchise, even if he doesn't return to direct. "I have a lot of trust and gratitude and respect for J.J. [Abrams] and for Damon Lindelof and for Bob Orci and Alex Kurtzman," Quinto stated. "I would obviously love to see J.J. be directing every Star Trek movie that I'm ever affiliated with, but if it's not the case I'm sure that whoever does will be someone that he has chosen and that he believes in for whatever reason."

Check out the entire interview below


(quote & video source MTV News)

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