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Sir Patrick Stewart Added To Vegas Khhaaan!! Roster

Sir Patrick Stewart Added To Vegas Khhaaan!! Roster

Patrick Stewart has had quite a year.  From being knighted to being in almost every Shakespearean production this side of Talos IV, our humble Captain seems to be in his prime.  Added to his full year has been his seemingly none stop convention attendance.  This is a true treat for Trek fans as Patrick had been absent for many years.  

Add another date to your Patty-con calendar, it appears that the Captain will be appearing at Vegas Khhaaan! this year.  We just received the news and a big thanks to Televixen from DVD Geeks for cluing us in.  Check out the details below.

One of the world's most beloved and talented superstars Patrick is equally at home on stage, film and television having had major success in all mediums. It is truly an honor to welcome Sir Patrick back to Creation Entertainment's Official Star Trek Convention in Vegas as we celebrate his continuing contribution to the arts as well as his past credits including of course his wonderful portrayal of Captain Picard on STAR TREK: THE NEXT GENERATION. Appearing Sunday August 8th.

To get more info and buy tickets for Vegas Khhaaan!, check out the Creation Entertainment website here.


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