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The Shat Could Be Governor General of Canada

The Shat Could Be Governer General Of Canada

William Shatner has been nominated to be the 28th Governor General of Canada. Not only is he an intergalactic hero but The Shat hails from the great white north and would be a perfect candidate for the mostly ceremonial title. He also appears to be leading in the polls, beating out Wayne Gretzky and a full list of other famous Canadians.  Heck, you can even place your vote for the next Governor General here.

Pat Tanzola is the man responsible for nominating The Shat and here's what he had to say about the matter; "Although William Shatner has begged off gubernatorial consideration - citing prime ministerial ambitions - there is still much promise in replacing our award-winning journalist, Michaëlle Jean, with this Emmy-winning superstar as GG."

Not sure what exactly the title Governor General means? Neither were we. Wikipedia had this to say about it: The Governor General of Canada is the viceregal representative in the federal jurisdiction of the Canadian monarch and head of state, Queen Elizabeth II, who is equally shared with 15 other sovereign nations in a form of personal union, but resides predominantly in her oldest realm, the United Kingdom. On the advice of her Canadian Prime Minister only, the Queen appoints the Governor General to carry out most of the monarch's constitutional and ceremonial duties for an unfixed period of time — known as serving At Her Majesty's pleasure — though five years is the normal convention, as is a rotation between anglophone and francophone incumbents. Once in office, these individuals maintain direct contact with the Queen, wherever she may be at the time.

Wow! The Shat would have direct contact with the Queen. I guess it's prefectly fitting for the captain of the Federation flag ship. I mean he has made first contact with countless species and saved the galaxy numerous times. Check out the video below for Mr. Shatner's response

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