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Happy Birthday To Bill Shatner, Captain Kirk's Alter Ego

Happy Birthday To Bill Shatner, Captain Kirk's Alter Ego

William Shatner, you sir have given us 50+ years of entertainment and we salute you. Let alone, we could have hardly asked for the 44 years of Trek, but your multitude of artistic expressions have been our pleasure to watch over the years. You sir are an actor, director, producer, web mogul, pitchman, equestrian, businessman, author, and the one and only Captain James T. Kirk.

We hope you have a wonderful birthday, Mr. Shatner!

We've already put together a Youtube Video Round-up for you sir, but we scoured youtube yet again and have put together some of your best Star Trek moments. We hope you enjoy this walk down memory lane.

You sir, are indeed Captain Kirk

Eed Pleb Neesta

Captain Kirk, ladies man

The best build up to dialog in movie making history

Perfect Awe and Wonder!

Again Mr. Shatner happy birthday!  From your friends and admirers at Subspace Communique.

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