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StarFest Denver Trek Guest Round-up Thus Far

StarFest Denver Trek Gueset Round-up So Far

StarFest is an annual Denver convention encompassing all aspects of popular media, film and television. Started in 1977, it attracts several thousand fans of popular culture for a weekend of social interaction, games and fun. StarFest 2010 is set for April 16th - 18th at the Marriot & Hilton Denver Tech Center.

StarFest always seem to pull in several Trek stars.  This Year our favorite Betazoid Marina Sirtis will be featured, as well as our Voyager's wayward ensign Garrett Wang are onboard so far.  Also appearing at StarFest; Summer Glau (Firefly, Serenity, Sarah Connor Chronicles) and Christopher Judge (Stargate SG-1).

Guest are often added up until the convention starts and we'll keep you informed of any further Trek additions.

More about StarFest:

There are over a hundred activities on the multi-track programming schedule. Events include film studio presentations, onstage Q&A sessions with actors - producers & directors, autograph and photo sessions, costume and talent contests, film festivals, model and art shows, collectible merchandise, educational seminars, discussion panels, kids events, fan club presentations, and assorted Klingons, Jedi and other strange and unusual creatures.

Over time, StarFest has evolved from a science fiction convention into a celebration of media entertainment. It has spawned two conventions within the convention. The first was HorrorFest, which is not-surprisingly devoted to all things horror. HorrorFest, like StarFest, has its own multi-track programming, guests, performances, and film festival. Because of the fan response from HorrorFest, it was only natural that we add another convention under our weekend of entertainment. In 2009, we launched ComicFest. In spite of the incredible blizzard that arrived the same weekend, ComicFest was an instant success and just like StarFest and HorrorFest, was packed with activities, guests, collectibles, and yes - comics. ComicFest was so successful that we've decided to devote the entire Hilton Hotel convention facilities to just ComicFest for 2010 so we can make room for even more events and scheduling this Spring. Stay tuned for more news as our plans are developed.

Check the StarFest website here.

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