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William Shatner And J.J. Abrams Do Lunch

William Shatner And J.J. Abrams Do Lunch

According to a report from, The Shat and J.J. recently "did lunch" at Spago (we made that last part up) and talked about The Shat returning to Trekdom.  Hmmm, we love The Shat, but we're not sure who we feel about shoehorning him into Star Trek XII. 

What do you think?  Leave your comments below.

William Shatner is in talks to return to the world of Star Trek, despite attacking director J.J. Abrams for leaving him out of his 2009 blockbuster prequel.

The original Captain Kirk reveals he and Abrams met for lunch recently and he has since seen the movie he chose not to be a part of - after refusing the filmmaker's cameo offer.

Shatner says, "They did a wonderful movie. J.J., I think of him as a buddy, he's a great director and I'm sure when the right time comes he'll make the right decision (and cast me)." (source via Trekweb)

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