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Garrett Wang & Larry Nemecek On DVD Geeks Tonight!

Garrett Wang & Larry Nemecek On DVD Geeks Tonight!

Our friends over at DVD Geeks have something super special planned for you tonight.  In anticipation of tomorrow's release of J.J. Abrams' "Star Trek", John and Mary will be hosting special Trek guests Garrett Wang and Larry Nemecek.  If you haven't checked out DVD Geeks, you're missing out.

The show will be live tonight at 7pm CST over at Fearless Radio.

The long-anticipated, much-ballyhooed "Star Trek" relaunch by JJ Abrams and team heralded a new era for the Trek franchise. Even if some fans found nits to pick, it sure did keep them talking for the better part of the summer of 2009. Now with the release of "Star Trek" on DVD, geeks like ourselves have a whole new opportunity to explore the details - in frame-by-frame glory - along with a wealth of special features.

We wanted to do something special for this occasion. Joining us will be Trekland blogger and friend of the show, Larry Nemecek. Aside from being Trek's online and oral historian, Larry is a convention favorite with his fingers on the pulse of the fans. We'll geek out with Larry and learn his take on this whole new universe. In addition, we'll be announcing some very exciting giveaways in our latest team-up with our pals over at .

We'll also welcome a really big "Star Trek" fan named 'Harry.' You won't want to miss what he has to say about his favorite film of the year. (source

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