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Inside Star Trek, 1976 Roddenberry / Shatner Interview Available Online

Inside Star Trek, 1976 Roddenberry / Shatner Interview Available Online

Thanks to one of our favorite SciFi blogs, Airlock Alpha, we learned of a special "hidden" interview Gene Roddenberry recorded in 1976 with none other than The Shat.  Apparently the interview was include on a spoken word album called "Inside Star Trek" that also featured DeForest Kelley (Dr. Leonard McCoy) and Mark Lenard (Sarek).

The album sold poorly and unfortunately didn't see the light of day until re-release in 1999 as part of 2 cd set also called "Inside Star Trek".  Check out the article exerpt below for me info.  Also, check out Airlock Alpha and spread the SciFi love.

Gene's Journal, the popular online comic created by Trevor Roth and drawn by David Reddick, features a young Gene Roddenberry and the tales of his adolescence that would later lead to him creating "Star Trek" -- in a fictional way of course.

Commissioned and approved by the Roddenberry family, other characters include Agent 4 and Agent 6, two aliens who are visiting Earth during Roddenberry's childhood for the purpose of studying human beings.

The interviewers were meant as a look at the development of "Star Trek" as well as the story of Gene Roddenberry, his dreams and his difficulties. (source Airlock Alpha)

Check out the full article to gain access to the hidden interview.


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