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At Dragon-Con Nimoy Asks Shatner “Seen any good movies lately?”

At Dragon-Con Nimoy Asks Shatner “Seen any good movies lately?”

This year's Dragon-Con is taking place right now, as we speak with a slew of Star Trek quests in attendance. As reported by CNN, apparently the Leonard Nimoy / William Shatner panel was a riot. 

Nimoy started off the event by asking his old pal Shatner if he'd “Seen any good movies lately?”.  Check out article excerpt below for more deets.  Thanks to reader Jay S. for the heads up.

Taking on a roast-like atmosphere from the very beginning, the appearance was like eavesdropping on a conversation between two old friends who enjoyed ripping into each other mercilessly. It was an event that Dragon-Con “Star Trek” programming director Eric L. Watts said he never imagined would take place.

At the start, Nimoy brought up the recent smash hit reboot of “Trek” on the big screen by asking Shatner, “Seen any good movies lately?”

The newest incarnation of “Trek” has been a sore point for Shatner of late, and the remark set him off. No matter how many times Nimoy tried to change the subject, Shatner kept asking, “Why wasn’t I in the movie?” Finally Nimoy, who had a major role in it, gave his best guess, which was that Captain Kirk was killed in the movie “Star Trek Generations.”

Shatner admitted that he has yet to see the movie, though he said its director, J.J. Abrams, had offered to screen it for him. Adding that he also hadn’t watched “Star Trek: The Next Generation,” he blamed his busy schedule and the fact that he would inevitably be asked “Why weren’t you in the movie?” by others seeing it with him at a theater.

Nimoy said that he didn’t think he would be in any future movies, and that the character of Spock was in good hands with Zachary Quinto.

The audience of nearly 2,000 ate up the pair’s relentless needling. When one question was addressed to Nimoy, Shatner turned around in his chair. At another point, Nimoy reached for Shatner’s hair. At yet another, Shatner jokingly accused Nimoy of calling him something unprintable.

At the end of the session, Shatner shared the speech he would give if he won the Emmy this year for “Boston Legal:” “This will make a great plaque on the body of a dead show.” (source CNN)

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