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Shatner Agrees To Star Trek XI Viewing If Nimoy Brings The Popcorn

Shatner Agrees To Star Trek XI Viewing If Nimoy Brings The Popcorn

In her on going post-coverage of Vegas Con 2009, Nathalie Caron from Inside Trekker recaps the Leonard Nimoy & William Shatner panel from the last day of the convention.  Revealed, among other things, was The Shat's agreement to finally see Star Trek XI if his old buddy Nimoy 'brings the popcorn and holds his hand'.

If you missed Vegas Con 2009 like we did, Inside Trekker has some fantastic coverage that you won't want to miss.

Here's an excerpt from the blog post.

When I walked in on Shatner’s panel, the theatre was packed. Bill was already telling tall tales about filming with a horse on the set of the Star Trek: Generations movie. He was recalling the time when the horse fell on him and that he had gone up saying he required no hospital, fallen down again and then required to be sent to the hospital. Plus, while there, as he was getting ready to give a ''sample'' by peeing into a bottle, a nurse poked her head in, telling him she was his biggest fan. Hilarious. Bill was telling the story with tremendous energy and the crowd was visibly pleased and amused.

The actor also talked about the death of Captain Kirk in that movie. He also discussed his ad-libbed last line: ''Oh my!'' Shatner said he envisioned that what was coming his way was wonderful and awesome and it was death.

The banter between the Original Kirk and Spock was amazing. These two old friends were really going at it, making everyone in the audience laugh.

Nimoy later made Shatner promise that the two would sit together and watch the movie. Shatner agreed on one condition: That Leonard Nimoy brings popcorn and that he holds his hand (very funny). Nimoy also added that Shatner will be proud about the way Kirk was portrayed in the new movie, and that Chris Pine honored him. (source Inside Trekker)

Read the full article here.

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