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See 'Star Trek' At Kennedy Space Center Imax 'Til September 7th

See 'Star Trek' At Kennedy Space Center Imax 'Til September 7th

J.J. Abram 'Star Trek' has already left most theaters nationwide, but visitorS to Kennedy Space center can still catch it in IMAX.  As reported by, 'Star Trek' will be showing until September 7th.

The film, telling the story of a young Kirk and Spock and their attempts to foil a renegade time-traveling Romulan's plot was in theaters over the summer but has since been replaced with other movies.
Visitors can see the movie at either:

    * 4:30 PM - for $7.50, ( plus tax, not including cost of admission).
    * 7:00 PM - for $7.50, (plus tax, cost of film only).

Folks who missed the movie when it was at the cinemas and who will be at the Visitor Center before September should make plans to catch this awesome movie while they have the chance. (source

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