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Star Trek: Spock Reflections Issue #1 Reviewed

Spock Reflections Issue #1 Review has posted their brand new review of Star Trek: Spock Reflections #1.  If you haven't heard of the Spock Refections series check out the press release covering the release and the five-page preview we reported on last month.

IDW describes Star Trek: Spock Reflections.....

What could drive a man to abandon all he knows and go to live with the Federation's sworn enemy? In the follow-up series to the Star Trek: Countdown movie prequel, see for the first time the real motivations behind Spock's decision to live on Romulus, and follow as he looks back on what brought him to this place in his life.

Excerpt form TrekWeb's Review

The cover(s): The "regular" cover is by David Messina with colors by Ilaria Traversi.  The top half of the book has a giant IDIC symbol on a cave wall, while a young Spock faces the reader at the bottom.  Is it Nimoy as Spock or Quinto?  Who cares?  It's Spock.  It's a simple layout and it works.  I hope that this cover is the start of a thematic trend and that future Messina covers are split like this, and judging from the teaser at the end of the story it will be.  The "Retailer Incentive" cover is by David A. Williams with colors by Moose Baumman.  It's a shot of a young Spock awaiting his turn at a Starfleet Enrollment Center.  It's a very human posture of insecurity for Spock when contrasted to the very rigid Vulcan next to him.  This scene doesn't appear in the book and I wish it had, since I'd like to know why Spock feels that way.  I do like the contrast between the stark while and blue on this cover.&nbs p; Overall grades: Regular Cover "A" and "RI" Cover "A-".

The story: Welcome back to Star Trek, Scott & David Tipton.  The story goes as the title of the series states: Spock is reflecting.  Stardate 49632.7, Spock is on a shuttle outside the Romulan Neutral Zone.  His only companion in the passenger section is an annoying alien that I recall seeing on the trading cards from Star Trek: The Motion Picture.  I wish Spock would have used a neck pinch on this guy to shut him up.  I know he's there to get Spock to reflect, to incite the story for the readers, but wouldn't a Vulcan, alone, reflect without the comic relief?  He was like Jar Jar withoutsa de annoyin' ackecent.  During the nonstop questioning by the alien, Spock flashes back to two events in his past.  The first has Spock 78 years earlier visit the Enterpirse-B under Captain Harriman.  Spock is there to see something, and in the process, perhaps, give a clue as to where he's going in his present.  ; The second flashback/reflection was much more interesting to me.  I'm not going to get specific and spoil it, but it does share a pre-Vulcan destruction moment which I found to be quite moving.  Any time Trek, in any form, had Spock one-on-on with (this character) I found Spock to be much more engaging and grow as a character, and this little reflection of nine pages does just that.  The last word of dialogue was a surprise for me: Why would that be Spock's destination?  What's there for him?  Always leave the fans wanting more, and I do.  Overall grade: A (source

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