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Shatner's Super Happy Fun Time

Shatner's Super Happy Fun Time

William Shatner has been all over the web today. Ever since his appearance on The Tonight Show w/ Conan O'Brien, where he performed poetry taken from excerpts of Sarah Palin's farewell speech, The Shat has been all the buzz across the interwebs.

On top of his appearance on Conan, The Shat also participated in a campaign organized by Greenpeace. gives us more details.

In a campaign organised by environmental group Greenpeace, Mr Shatner recorded a short message encouraging Hewlett-Packard to phase-out its use of brominated flame retardants (BFRs) and polyvinyl chloride (PVC) plastics.

The Shatner robocalls were timed to coincide with another Greenpeace stunt targeting HP. Early this morning 13 Greenpeace activists climbed atop the company’s headquarters and painted the words “Hazardous Products” on the roof, a play on the company’s HP logo.

Greenpeace is faulting HP for delaying by two years its pledge to phase out the use of BFRs and PVC plastics. But an HP spokesperson said that the program was underway and the delay was due to a “lack of acceptable alternatives”. Rushing the phase-out would have caused disruptions to the computermaker’s supply chain, the spokesperson said.

When asked why Greenpeace had chosen Mr Shatner to record the message, Casey Harrell, the group’s international toxics campaign co-ordinator, said it was an attempt to connect with HP’s employees. “We were trying to drive some internal conversation at the company, and the stereotype of tech workers is someone with a science fiction background,” he said. “Who doesn’t want to listen to William Shatner for 30 seconds?”(source

Read the article here.

Check out The Shat's performance on Conan below.

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