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Trek Is 'Wonderful Entertainment' Says Chris Pine

Trek Is 'Wonderful Entertainment' Says Chris Pine

In a recent interview, 'Star Trek' actor Chris Pine talks about how Trek is an 'Optimistic Series' with a 'real sub-current of great ideas'.

Star Trek star Chris Pine has revealed that he could not understand why the famous film has appealed to so many people, as he was never a fan of the original sci-fi series.

Chris, 28, plays the role of Captain James T Kirk in the blockbuster sci-fi film, which was released earlier this year.

Asked about the appeal of Star Trek, Chris said: “Not being a fan, I didn’t understand why it was so appealing.

“But it’s an optimistic series. It’s different to The Dark Knight or Watchmen, it’s not dark and gritty… it’s bright and funny…

“How can people not respond to that? I think it’s pure, wonderful entertainment with a real sub-current of great ideas. I loved The Dark Knight, but this is a different species of film.” (source The Insider)

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