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Star Trek Fans Asked To Help Doctors Without Borders

Star Trek Fans Unite To Help Doctors Without BordersStar Trek Movie Fundraiser is putting Star Trek fans to task by asking them to help Doctors Without Borders.

Can Star Trek fans, energized by the new movie premiering in just a month, combine their enthusiasm to benefit a cause? Consider this: the Star Trek movie will sell over a million seats opening weekend. If every one of those fans donates just $1, think of the goodwill that can be generated. But ask a fan to make a contribution in honor of Star Trek, ask them to consider what Star Trek means to them when they donate, and it becomes possible to revolutionize the way fans express their passion and make a difference that changes the lives of people around the planet. Star Trek fans are just the sort of fan-base to change everything.

The Star Trek Movie Fundraiser site was setup with just such intent in mind. It is a fan-based initiative hoping to channel the frenzy around the movie to benefit Doctors Without Borders. Every year Doctors Without Borders sends thousands of medical works to famine-, epidemic, and war-stricken parts of the world without consideration for ethnicity or nationality, spreading a message that resonates with the ideologies that so many Star Trek fans hold dear.

Turn your passion for Star Trek into a force that changes the planet. Contribute to Doctors Without Borders in the name of Star Trek and your love for films and sci-fi. Think of all that we can accomplish!

To learn how you can help, visit Star Trek Movie Fundraiser.

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