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The Spirit Comic Writer Now Penning Star Trek: TNG Manga

The Spirit Comic Writer Now Penning Star Trek: TNG MangaAccording to, F.J. DeSanto has worked along side Michael Uslan to bring films like 'The Dark Knight', 'Constantine', 'Turok: Son of Stone' and 'The Spirit' to the big screen.  Now he's putting his energy into writing new installments of the 'The Spirit' for D.C. and 'Star Trek: The Next Generation' Manga for Tokyo Pop.

'My story is centered around Will Riker trying to thwart an internal Starfleet coup to have a post assimilated Captain Picard relieved of command. It uncovers a few mysteries that have been lingering in the TNG universe for years. It also answers the question as to why Riker waited so long before becoming Captain of his own ship.' DeSanto explains.

Read the full interview here.

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