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Iconfactory Releases 'Star Trek' themed Goodies

Iconfactory Releases 'Star Trek' Themed GoodiesThe Iconfactory released today their first set of icons based on the new 'Star Trek' movie, in theaters May 8th. These icons include 3 folder icons themed after branches of Starfleet (Command, Sciences, and Engineering). The last icon is simply a trek folder icon containing the Starfleet Insiginia.

Paramount Pictures partnered with the Iconfactory to release several themed icons and wallpapers over a three week period..

Released earlier this month was a wallpaper pack that featured the Starfleet insignia tiled on the famous gold, blue, and red background color backgrounds.  Also included was a gray background representing Starfleet Instructors

The last set, due to be released on April 21st, will include iconic Star Trek items including phasers, communicators, and the Enterprise.

Click here to go to the Iconfactory 'Star Trek' landing page.

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